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"Tony has more good ideas about protecting our environment in five minutes than most politicians do in a lifetime."

John Downing, Toronto Sun


Front Row Centre - A perspective on Life, Politics and the Environment

Former Toronto Alderman and Metro Councillor Tony O'Donohue tells it like it is in Front Row Centre, a book not just on one man's life, but on the contribution he has made - and continues to make - to the environment and to one of the New World's great municipalities. Order here 

"Tony O'Donohue was a true pioneer of environmental isues in municipal politics in Canada."

Paul V. Godfrey, former Chairman, Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto

The Tale of a City - Re-engineering The Urban Environment 

Tony O'Donohue dedicates this book to city planners, engineers, politicians and community leaders in the hope that they may be able to overcome their addiction to squandering the planet's non renewable resources. It explores the making of a modern city and Toronto's entry into the twenty-first century. Order here 

A personal battle for Canada
Support Tony O'Donohue's legal action to abolish the Act of Settlement in Canada. 

Did you know ...  

... that Canada's head of state is barred from being a Roman Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or any other non-Protestant faith? Tony O'Donohue does and he's mounted a court challenge to change it. The 1701 Act of Settlement, inherited from Britain and supported by the Canadian Constitution, contravenes our Charter of Rights and Freedoms which guarantees protection from discrimination and, according to O'Donohue, "has no place in Canadian life". Find out more about Tony O'Donohue's legal battle against the Act of Settlement here  


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